Welcome to the Victory Over Injury Podcast presented by Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center, in Birmingham, Alabama. This podcast is for athletes, competitors, trainers, therapists, fans, sports enthusiasts, and anyone interested in learning more about the legends who have been vitally influential in the world of sports medicine, rehabilitation, athletic training, mental preparation, athletics and more.  We are going to peel back the layers of sports injuries from multiple perspectives to gain a greater understanding of what actually goes on in the minds of athletes, trainers, physicians, surgeons, therapists, coaches and more in the face of injury.  Whether you are an elite athlete, recreational participant, passionate fan or occasional observer, we hope to bring you into our world to understand what it takes to achieve Victory over Injury.

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Dr. James Andrews is commonly known as the most important man in sports.  One ought argue that this man is not the most important man in sports, rather he is the most important man in all of sports, sports medicine, and sports culture, whose influence extends beyond the famous athlete.  His accolades are too numerous to count, with an extensive history of founding practices, fellowships, research institutes, and sports programs, sitting on numerous boards, holding numerous academic appointments and honorary degrees.  He is the recipient of countless awards across all spectra of the sports and humanitarian world in addition to hundreds of peer-reviewed publications and books. He has performed over 50,000 surgeries on patients ranging from those simply looking to regain function and quality of life to the planet’s greatest athletes, and while doing so has trained over 300 surgeons who now restore function to thousands more.   He is one of the most influential surgeons of our time, and a pioneer in the realm of fixing the injured.  He is an expert artisan on the stage of the theater known as the operating room who has perfected the craft of caring for active people, and he consistently executes that art with precision and excellence.  A master seer of human emotion and drive and a communicator extraordinaire, he possesses a unique finesse and bedside manner that instills trust, optimism, and confidence in all patients he treats.  He is the quintessential team player and captain, valuing the opinion of all team members to achieve the ultimate goal of improving the well-being of the patient.  He helped craft the world of sports medicine as we know it today, and is the epitome of the ultimate gifted, charismatic, skilled, and human surgeon.   A living legend, an icon, a mentor, a godfather of sports medicine, and a humble orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. James Andrews.

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