Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center Research Internship Overview
  • Full-year medical research internship focusing on orthopaedic surgery with a sub-focus on sports medicine and hip preservation
  • Opportunities for biomechanic, cadaveric, surgical technique and clinical outcomes research
  • Contribute to research team to produce meaningful research generated from a high-volume, specialty orthopaedic practice
  • Gain experience with basic science and clinical research in the field of orthopaedic surgery
  • Maintain a HIPAA compliant, de-identified database composed of pre-, intra- and post-operative data gathered using a web-based research platform (OBERD)
  • Organize and maintain database to ensure data is current on a weekly basis
  • Gather real-time clinic and OR-based data with surgeons daily
  • Perform call-backs to obtain patient follow-up data 2, 5, 10 years post-op
  • Filter and analyze data for study ideas presented by MDs, Fellows, or research interns
  • Learn to synthesize data, organize ideas and write in a scientific method
  • Provide and assist with necessary graphs, tables, figures, images and illustrations for publications
  • Review, edit and submit publications to specific journals
  • Work together and communicate as a team to eliminate errors and redundant work and to maximize efficiency and production
  • Timely, yet accurate and valid, data analysis and manuscript production
  • Hard work
  • Professionalism and respect for patients and patient data at all times (zero-tolerance)
  • Learn an immense amount, have fun
  • Extensive exposure to 1000s of orthopaedic surgeries, patients, images, exams etc.
  • Exceptional research experience in all facets of research production
  • Bolster CV for medical school with experience and peer-reviewed publications
  • Letters of recommendation for medical school
  • Monetary stipend
For more information or to apply contact Kirby Kelley –