Welcome to Dr. Ryan’s personal website.  Here you will find information about Dr. Ryan, the conditions he treats and surgeries he uses to treat them, information needed before and after surgery (including physical therapy and return to sport protocols), social media links, images and videos, blogs, appointment information and contact numbers.

Dr. Ryan’s goal for every patient he treats is to identify the important activities in life you are currently avoiding or missing due to pain and decreased function, to properly and meticulously diagnose the cause of your pain and dysfunction, and to administer the most effective and timely treatment.  Should treatment require surgery, Dr. Ryan and his staff will guide you through the process to help you prepare and will provide as much information possible about surgery, rehabilitation, and eventual return to optimal function.  In conjunction with the Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center and The Hip Center at Andrews Sports Medicine, Dr. Ryan will help you achieve Victory Over Injury.