Same Day Anterior Total Hip Replacement

Historically, patients have stayed in the hospital for 2-4 days after total knee and hip replacements for monitoring, pain control, therapy, and observation.  However, with recent advances in technology, surgical techniques, multi-modal pain-control medications, optimized physical therapy and patient education, nearly all patients are able to go home the day after surgery, with only a minority requiring hospitalization for two days or more.  Beyond this, patients who meet certain medical, functional, and social criteria are able to go home the same day his or her hip is replaced. 

There are many benefits of going home the same day after a hip replacement, including decreased exposure to potential infection risks within the hospital, decreased risk of blood clots due to early mobilization, decreased cost due to limited inpatient hospitalization, and improved mobility and enhanced recovery in the post-operative period.  Dr. Ryan has adopted well-established, well-tested, and safe peer-reviewed protocols to facilitate safe and efficient discharge home the same-day after hip replacement.  If you are interested in the Same-day Anterior THA, please discuss this with Dr. Ryan or his staff to see if you are a candidate.