The distal biceps tendon connects the biceps (muscles of the upper arm) to the radius (forearm bone). A ruptured distal biceps tendon leads to tenderness, bruising and swelling of the muscles near the elbow.  Surgical repair of the torn distal biceps tendon will reduce pain and restore strength and mobility to the affected arm.  The procedure is performed open using one or two incisions to access and repair the torn tendon.  Both techniques identify the torn, free end of the tendon and suture strong sutures through its stump.  The tendon and attached suture are then secured into a tunnel drilled into the radius (forearm bone) using a variety of fixation devices including, suture, a metal button and/or a hard plastic screw.  A distal biceps tendon repair is often performed in athletes and younger patients depending on the nature of the injury. Following surgery, physical therapy is recommended to regain full motion and strength.  Most patients regain full strength in the biceps after 3-4 months and are allowed to return to work and/or athletics at that time.