All joints have a thick, collagen, tissue called fascia that encapsulates, isolates, and protects the joint space and cartilage from the rest of the body. This tissue is called the capsule.  Many joints have additional stabilizing properties and are composed of ligaments that help make up the capsule.  The hip joint capsule is no different and is made up of stabilizing ligaments called the iliofemoral, ischiofemoral and pubofemoral ligaments.  To access the hip joint during arthroscopy, the iliofemoral ligament is cut to make a small opening through which surgery can be performed.  Previously, the capsule was left open to scar over and heal on its own.  Recently, new studies and information have guided hip surgeons to repair the capsule to restore the ligamentous stability of the hip.  This is typically done using strong sutures.  Additionally, the hip capsule can be tightened during this repair to increase hip stability in patients who are excessively flexible and who have very elastic soft tissues.